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Review of FX Terpenes (Not CBD) by a Customer

Posted by administrator on 3/8/2017
The following is an unbiased review of the FX Terpenes by a customer.  

She says the reviews are for FX CBD VAPE OIL, HOWEVER, the small bottles are NOT CBD VAPE OIL.  They are ONLY TERPENES.  She she vaped only terpenes and DID NOT TAKE IN ANY CBD in her trials.

We did not compensate her in any way for this info, nor do we necessarily agree with all the info below, as being applicable to the terpenes, as opposed to possibly something else.  But, we provide you with her unedited review:

Part 1 of 5: 04march17: Review of “FX CBD w/Terpenes Full Set  6 Samples Pack”  

Note: Each Sample Bottle  is 0.6ml/30mg of product. [50mg/ml]

0.6 x 6 = 3.6ml/180mg Total Rec’d.  

Purchased 05dec16 for $55.90=About $0.31 per mg.

From: Highland Pharms: Order number: HP-6458.

Manufactured by: FX CBD- Kingsland, TX

[Review Broken Down into 5 parts as Website allows only up to 2500 characters reviews;

And evidently; I went WAY over that!!!!]

For those of you who will not read this whole, very detailed review;

Just “KNOW”  these 3 things:

1. Highland Pharms Customer Service is Beyond Exceptional; I asked them Many ?’s via eMails & they would reply [by a Real Person] within hours.

2: The Products worked for me! As you will see by my reviews; they did not have the same effect on MY body all the time in relation to what they are Usually used for; so trying this sample pack was a great option instead of buying “Hit or Miss” w/larger, more costly bottles.

I am very happy that I did; because now I know what will work best for my needs when I can afford to purchase more.

3. The Products arrived 7 days after ordering online; in discreet packaging.

I am 60+ years old female; 60# overweight & a former cig smoker x 47 yrs. I Never liked the effects of Marijuana when I smoked it in my ‘Much Younger years’; I do not drink Alcohol since 1991.

I am also not allowed to take any Aspirin, Steroids, NSAIDS, Benzos, Opioids, [other than an Occasional Tramadol] due to my multiple Chronic Medical Conditions.  2 years ago; after serving in a nursing career for 40 years;  I retired earlier than planned; due to increasing physical limitations.

{Note: I am Not Mentioning any of my Actual Diagnoses; only my Subjective Symptoms;  on My “Before & After” effects I had while trying these CBD w/Terpenes  products.}

In Nov.  2016; I sustained a new Injury; & became progressively unable to walk without assist of a cane, or a person helping; could not stand upright, or get up from a sitting position without using my arms or someone helping me.

My long-time daily regime of Rx'd Doses of Hydroxychloroquine, Methotrexate & Gabapentin just weren't working to relieve this acute situation.

I live alone & was becoming more & more fearful & depressed w/my decreasing levels of independence. I could no longer do Volunteer work that I had been doing 3 days a week.

Part 2 of 5: 04march17: Review of “FX CBD w/Terpenes Full Set  6 Samples Pack”  

Back in Aug. 2016; when I quit smoking cigs; I became a “Vaper”; which I continue to use to replace the "Hand to Mouth" Habit of being a former smoker. My Nicotine use & desires with ‘Vaping Juices’  have tapered from 24mg to down to 9mg over the past 6+ months; with the goal being Zero mg.

In Nov., upon seeing me barely able to walk; my local Vape Juice Retailer related their personal experience w/Vaping CBD for their Medical Disorder & suggested that I look into it for my pains.

I had never heard of it. CBD from Hemp.

After a few weeks of  intense research about CBD, and also TERPENES;  

[I have used Essential Oils for about 30 years and am familiar w/many Terpenes effects];  

I decided to give Vaping CBD a try.

I liked the Option that Fx CBD Offers by making this CBD w/Terpenes in only Pure Vegetable Glycerin;  which is considered pharmacologically safe [for most people] to take by mouth also.

I wanted to be able to compare CBD effects on my body;  the more immediate effects when Vaping it vs. the more delayed effects of Ingesting it orally/sublingually.

I also wanted to be able to assess the effects of each formula as "scientifically" as possible.

I wanted to have NO Preconceived Ideas or to be Influenced by any Marketing on each Sample.

So, when I received my order; I covered their labels with opaque tape and marked them #1 - #6.

Thus; I never knew Which formula I was trying each day.

I also made a “Body Parts” Chart with Pain Level choices; and took note of these several times each day when I used a Fx CBD-Terps sample.

I only removed the labels At The END of  my 2 weeks "Blind Study" of what I had tried; to correlate what the product was with the Notes I had written down on each Vial as I tried it.

My personal "Bones Pains Levels" [BPL] are subjectively rated at:





9-10=Crying vs.Paralyzing.

Pre-”CBD w/Terps” Trial; Over the past 2 yrs; my BPL increased to:

7-8 Severe in L. Knee w/episodes of 9-10 Crying & Paralyzing.

5-6 Strong in Low Back & Hips.

3-4 Mod in Mid-Spine & Femurs.

3-4 Mod in Back-Hips. Moderate in Upper Femurs.  


Following are my results.  [Please Note that I can only report the Effects on how each Product worked for Me; Your body's reaction[s] might be very different than mine.]

Part 3 of 5: 04march17: Review of “FX CBD w/Terpenes Full Set  6 Samples Pack”  

FX CBD w/Terps Product Name & Label Color:

#1. IMAGINE [Lime]:  Possible Effects: Calm Body & Increased Creativity.

1230pm-13dec16: BPL @ 7-8 Severe today.  TASTE: Horrible, Bitter.  Within 1 hr. after taking 3 gtts [drops] sl [under tongue] GREAT Pain Relief in L.Knee, Hips, Low Back; to a 1-2 Low.

Able to get up from chair without assist. Able to Full Weight Bear on L. Leg. Generalized Relaxed Feelings Physically & Mentally; at first a little "Goofy" feeling; but that passed within 1.5 hours.

Then got a little sleepy & hungry. Ate a Donut. 2hrs: Hunger Continues. Strong Pains Relief persists;

was able to do laundry, some cleaning & cooking.

Remainder of day: BPL @ tolerable 3-4. Hunger persisted; ate a lot this afternoon & eve.

"Munchies" effect? In Eve; Vaped remaining solution in sample bottle. BPL stayed @ 3-4 Mod; felt sleepy, but stayed awake until 2300.

14dec16: Next Day: Did not take any; Very Good Residual effects from yesterday's doses.

BPL@ Low-Mod levels Max all day until evening. Was able to be up & about.

#2. CONCENTRATION [Red]: Possible Effects: Increased Focus & Attention.

0845am-15dec16: BPL @ 5-6 Strong. TASTE: Fresh & Minty, Slight Numbing of tongue x 3 mins. noted.  Within 1 hr. after taking 4 gtts/sl: Smiling; feeling "Happy" for no particular reason.

Several "Brain Freeze" moments; GREAT BPL Relief all over. Ate English Muffin; but not "Munchies". Active & able to do chores. 3 hrs. later; no more "Brain Freezes”  & BPL never above a 2-3. In Eve; Vaped a few puffs once an hour for 3 hrs. No Overt sensations; Felt Relaxed; but Wide Awake. Took  a Melatonin to help w/sleep!

17dec16: Next Day: BPL = 0=PAIN FREE in Bones; Walking like I am 30; Not 90; as I have been since Nov. Able to accomplish a lot today. Vaped a few puffs every 4 hrs. BPL never above 3-4 Mod as the day progressed. I liked this one’s “Overall” feelings very much.

Part 4 of 5: 04march17: Review of “FX CBD w/Terpenes Full Set  6 Samples Pack”  

FX CBD w/Terps Product Name & Label Color:

#3. REMEDY [Dark Green] Possible Effects: Decreased Pains & Inflammations.

0815am-18dec16: BPL @ 5-6 Strong today. TASTE: Best, Clean Spearminty.

Within 1 hr after taking 5 gtts/sl: Can feel Pulse Points pounding all over. Vasoconstrictor? Other than that; no Overt Sensations.  Put 5 gtts in Vape juice & Vaped about 5 puffs once an hr times 3 hrs. BPL brought down to 3-4 Mod as day progressed.

19dec16: Next Day: Awoke w/Minimal Body Pains; 1-2 Low; Able to walk Upright; normally & briskly. Took 3 gtts/sl in morn & Vaped some. Within 1 hr: Up, About, PAIN FREE w/Much More Mental Alertness than I have had for weeks due to fatigue from pain. Accomplished SO much today.  Vaped this one on/off every 3-4 hrs. until 8pm today. #3 is My Favorite Blend so far.

#4. SANDMAN [Blue]. Possible Effects: Increased Relaxation & Decreased Insomnia.

1135am-22dec16: BPL 5-6 Strong today. TASTE: Cloves w/Cinnamon; Warm feeling on mouth tissues. Took 3 gtts sl; then 1/2 hr later another 3 gtts/sl = EXTREME Burning tongue feeling; had to drink Cold H20 STAT!

Vaped the rest of this sample; today & next day [10 gtts/5ml of juice] a few puffs every few hours.

Overall: Had generalized Relaxed & Mellowing feelings; Felt "Snackie"; not Munchies; at times. No feeling "Starved & Have to Eat" like Sample #1.

Noted a Slight, short lived "Marshmallow" brain episodes at times. BPL minimized to 1-2 Low & 3-4 Mod; depending upon how frequently I vaped it; over the next 2 days [23-24dec16].

#5. Chill [White]  Possible Effects: Relaxation & Anxiety Reduction.

0730am-26dec16: BPL 7-8 Severe today. Took 5 gtts sl; WORST Tasting Sample so far!

Like Old, Dry Grass! Within 1 hour; Muscles quite Relaxed. Vaped it on/off through the day; every 3-4 hrs until bedtime. Muscles felt more relaxed; could turn neck & lift arms better. No Increased Hunger, No changes in Alertness and no Sleepiness feelings.

BPL down to about a tolerable 3-4 Mod; not as effective for my pains as the first 4 samples.

27dec16 Next Day: Awoke w/ BPL @ 5-6 Strong. Since I Hated the Taste of this one; I moved onto Sample #6.

Part 5 of 5: 04march17: Review of “FX CBD w/Terpenes Full Set  6 Samples Pack”  

FX CBD w/Terps Product Name & Label Color:

#6. Touch [Purple-Pink]. Possible Effects: Heightened Touch & Sensuality w/Body Calming.

0650am-27dec16: BPL: 5-6 Strong. TASTE: Clovey; but not as strong as #4. Took 5 gtts/sl. Within 1 hr. BPL @ 3-4 Mod. Muscles Feel "looser"; but pains in bones still very noticeable. Was able to drive & go for labworks. No "Funny Brain" feelings. Put remainder in 10 ml of Vape Juice.

Vaped this on & off today & next 2 days [28 & 29dec16] until it was all gone.

It was "okay" but did not have the "Bones Pains" relief that I found in samples #1, 2, & 3.

I shall be re-ordering #2 “Concentration” & #3 “Remedy” for myself; these 2 suit me.

I now also feel fully confident in recommending this company & these products to friends who suffer from various ailments.

The End.

[Aren’t You Happy?!?]


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