Why Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms - Natural Remedies

From Deep in the Heart of Central Texas comes Highland Pharms.

Highland Pharms Best CBD Oil"Highland" because we are in the Highland Lakes region of Texas.  "Pharms" because we believe in the growing of plants for natural remedies, such as hemp for CBD Oil and Moringa for all its many benefits.  

We truly hope the big pharmaceutical companies go away.  We believe they have gotten way out of hand and control our government far more than they should.  The list of side effects of their products gets longer and longer and oftentimes are worse than the original condition being treated.

We believe in natural remedies like Hemp (CBD) Oil.....we've never heard of any ill side effects or any overdose from hemp.  Moringa:  The more you eat, the benefits increase and the healthier you get.

The Hemp Extracts used in our products comes from Ultra High Grade Hemp Plants, worthy of a "Pharmaceutical Grade" stamp if there was such a thing.  Most brands cannot even tell you exactly where their hemp extract comes from as they merely import it on the open market.

Ultra High Grade Hemp

Do you see any problem with using high grade ingredients?  We certainly don't and hope you appreciate our viewpoints and our products.  We also hope you and your loved ones are able to turn the clocks back just a little to a simpler time when we lived in step with nature and didn't try to control it.  We lived with it.  As we progress through time, we can go back to these ways.

Here is the most recent Certificate of Analysis:

Highland Pharms CBD Hemp Oil Analysis

One more thing:  we don't just bring plant based remedies with natural healing benefits to you.  We bring you The Best.  For instance, our Hemp Oil products are not just packed with cannabidiol (CBD); they include the full spectrum of cannabinoids which can include CBC, CBG, CBN, CBGA and of course, CBD and CBDA.  Why?  Because its better for you.  And, our Moringa is actually still green!  This means that it is The Freshest and still maintains its High Potency.  Why?  Because its better for you.

We truly hope to revisit the values and ways of our ancestors who lived in sync with nature and were a part of it.  We CAN go there again.

Highland Pharms - Natural Remedies