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Hemp Oil - Cancer

So, everyday, more and more people are wanting to know the effects of CBD Hemp Oil on Cancer.  To protect the population from people making outright lies about how their products may effect Cancer, the FDA prevents companies from making any unsubstantiated claims about how any CBD Hemp Oil effects Cancer. 

We support this for various reasons.  First, we want our industry to stay reputable and appreciated for what it can do for those with cancer and other illnesses.  We hear firsthand from customers the positive effects that many are experiencing.  Second, one of our owners has metastatic colon cancer and uses CBD daily.  We have a vested interest in helping to make this industry as reputable as it can be.  We are not just here to make a buck.  We are here to try to help as many people as we can with information about Hemp Oil & Cancer.

So, what CAN we tell you?  We can pass along information that has been reported to us by our customers.  We can also pass along information from tests that our manufacturer has and continues to conduct.  And, we can pass along information from our owner who, again, takes CBD daily for his cancer and the effects that chemo has on his body.

We can tell you that many people have used the Hemp Oil Extracts topically for skin cancers and growths.  I have personally used it on a small growth on my side by smearing a small amount onto a bandaid, then placing the bandaid over the growth.  I wore it for 12 days until the growth was gone and I've not seen any sign of it since.  Several customers have reported this use with varying degrees of success.  Also, customers have reported to us that they have been informed by their doctors that they have cancer and their doctors have recommended to them to get CBD Hemp Oil.  While we do not get into the nitty gritty of exactly what our customers lab tests are showing, we do get positive feedback from them as they come back to order more.

Also, our owner, Luke, who has the metastic colon cancer was previously taking Rick Simpsons Oil (RSO), when he got colon cancer the first time.  He was on chemotherapy, too.  While he had positive results from the combination of RSO and chemo, he was groggy, almost stoned, every day.  He didn't much care for going about his life this way.  So, when he was diagnosed a second time, instead of taking RSO along with his chemo, he took CBD Hemp Oil for Cancer.  The doctors cannot tell him which aspect is doing the most good for him.  But, his last 2 scans have indicated that the cancerous growths are inactive.  Obviously, HUGE NEWS for anyone with cancer.  He can, however, definitely say that the Hemp Oil helps him deal with all the effects of chemo.  Most notably, when he's on his current chemo regimen, the skin on his feet and hands break out, crack, bleed and almost burn.  This only happens when he doesn't take CBD Hemp Oil.  When he does take it, the skin repairs and there is no discomfort for him.  He gets this and many other helpful benefits, just as he did with RSO, but without being groggy and stoned all day.  He's alive and living!

The manufacturer of our line of Hemp Oil Products is Earth Science Tech.  They are a U.S. based company and they are NOT just in the business to make a bunch of products for people and sell them for a profit.  Rather, they are the only manufacturer I know of who is progressively having lab tests done on the effects of CBD on various health conditions.  Their testing ranges from neuro conditions like epilepsy and the like to cancers.  While the links below are not only to the reports news releases about their testing on cancer, they are links to releases on various medical conditions.  I have included a variety so you can see they believe in CBD Hemp Oil enough to invest into the research.  

Here are just a few of their news releases:

Obviously, to date, there has been no published study that says CBD cures Cancer as there is still much work to be done to advance the testing and isolate the results.  But, you can tell that the company we have hired to manufacture our CBD Hemp Oil line of products is easily the best in terms of quality, as well as the leading manufacturer in Hemp Oil for Cancer.