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CBD and Insomnia

Posted by Administrator on 10/7/2015
CBD and InsomniaSo, I began taking CBD for my chronic pain and you can read about that elsewhere on this blog site.  But, what I found out about its effect on my sleep was amazing.

When I take cannabidiol (or CBD) from hemp, I do not have any drowsy effect, nor do I feel high or anything like that.  CBD Hemp Oil just doesn't do that.  But, apparently, what it DOES do, which is reported all over the internet, is affect the nerves.  I am not a doctor nor a scientist, but I believe this is why so many people with epilepsy report such great results when taking CBD.  But, again, what it does seem to do is affect my nerves.  I just get in a more peaceful way.  Its very subtle and most days I never notice any difference.  But, when I put my head down at night, that's when the real effects kick in.

I normally have a very active mind and typically live a bit stressed as I feel I have to take care of everything that crosses my mind.  Oftentimes, at night, when I'm trying to sleep, my mind gets super-active and I remember all the things I need to do the next day.  It may not be a true sense of insomnia, but sometimes, I can lay in bed for hours with the same stressful, worrisome thoughts going through my mind.  However, on nights when I've taken CBD during the day, this never happens....NEVER.

On those days where I've taken CBD, any insomnia or over-active brain or what ever you want to call it, never has a chance to develop.  I drift off to a peaceful sleep, usually within minutes of going to bed.  And, all through the night, I sleep like a rock.  Sometimes, I sleep so hard it can take a good half hour the next morning to wake up and get my brain going.  CBD just seems to cause my brain and body to work together to allow me to get into a deep sleep.

I know I'm not the only one who has gets this same result.  I speak with many of our customers throughout the course of a day.  And, while I don't have time to get into deep discussion with everyone who calls in about their complete experiences with CBD, I do get insights from a number of people.  Oftentimes, the conversation will, at one time or another, drift to how they are now sleeping.  And, without fail, the people who talk about this talk about the same CBD and insomnia result as I do.  Now, I can also say that there have been a couple of people I've spoken to who have tried CBD specifically for their inability to sleep.  One person in particular, said that any evening when he feels he has too much on his mind, he'll take a few milligrams of CBD before going to bed and each time he sleeps through the night without any of the worrisome thoughts that tend to stress him out and keep him awake.

Please leave comments below for our online community to be able to benefit from your knowledge and experience with CBD and insomnia.

An interesting note here:  I have spoken with 2 customers since writing this article who were each taking CBD for insomnia.  They reported that it actually kept them awake at night; that their brain was more energized.  In conversations with them, it became apparent that they were taking very small serving sizes, like 5mg or less each.  After discussion, they decided to increase the amount to more reasonable amounts for their weight (this info can be found on our FAQ page).  And, after doing so, they both reported the best sleep they've had in years.  So, do please pay attention to how much you're using.

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Cassie Jordan
Date: 3/21/2016
I have been taking CBD for fibromyalgia and RA pain. I also have insomnia. My pain seems a bit better but I am not sleeping at all. I started with 15mg and now do 18 mg for about a week now. Any suggestions?
Date: 3/21/2016
Cassie, am not sure if you've seen this page about how much CBD to take. Perhaps it will help: http://www.highlandpharms.com/how-much-cbd-should-i-take-dose If you're already taking the appropriate amount, like it says on that page, don't hesitate to increase if you need to. Some people who start at the appropriate amount end up having to double or even more. Most don't, but some do. Also, it won't necessarily help everyone for everything. So, your sleeping may or may not be affected. I know we all want definitive answers, but with natural remedies, they're just not there.
Date: 5/21/2016
I am looking for a CBD product that helps with insomnia. Tried a seemingly excellent brand but no luck. Does anyone have a recommendation? Please HELP ! Blessings and thanx!
Patricia Knowles
Date: 9/20/2016
I have tried the oil for insomnia but I ended up wide awake. I have really bad nerve burning pain from fibro and it seems to help that. I think the issue is it has a pain relieving effect but makes you awake and not foggy. Which is great during the day. From what I can tell you have to go pretty high on the dosage for sleep. Maybe 30mg maybe higher. Some people recommend over 100 mg for sleep. Its hard to know because if you have insomnia the last thing you can afford to do is lose more sleep...so it's hard to just experiment with the dosing.
Date: 9/20/2016
Patricia, great info for others. However, please know that everyone is different in terms of how much cbd does what for them. For instance, when I take just 6 or 7mg of CBD, I sleep so hard all night that I wake up wondering what happened. Bottom line with CBD, everyone is different in terms of how they process and respond to CBD. So, everyone has to experiment a bit with it to see how much to take for any given situation.
Date: 11/28/2016
I have a 2 oz. bottle if CBD tincture and says 750mg on the label. The question: how do I measure out a 25mg. Dose? Thanks!
Date: 12/1/2016
There are 29.6 ml per oz. so your bottle contains 59.2 ml. You have 750mg of CBD or 12.7 mg/ml. If you want 25 mg you will need 1.97 ml or 2.0 ml. Get a 1.0 ml dropper and take 2. A bottle will last roughly 1 month.
Date: 12/19/2016
kay, 25/750 =1/30, split it into 30 portions

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