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CBD and Fibromyalgia

Posted by Administrator on 9/22/2015
Fibromyalgia and CBD - the phone calls pour in some days with people wanting to know more.  Unfortunately, the FDA does not allow us to make any claims about what CBD can or may do for this debilitating source of constant pain.  But, let's look at what we CAN discuss.

First, Fibromyalgia is defined as a chronic disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and tenderness in localized areas.  Essentially, lots and lots of fibers throughout the body are sensing pain and reporting it back to the brain.  

Further, we know that the body's pain-regulating system, the endocannabinoid system, responds to various cannabinoid substances such as cannabidiol or CBD.  Receptors in the endocannabinoid system are located in immune cells, the central nervous system tissue and bone tissues.  CBD communicates with these receptors, potentially providing relief to symptoms.

Okay, so we know this.  What else do we know?  Dr. Allen Frankel explains that CBD helps pain by binding to microglial cells, causing a reduction in cytokines and pain reduction in fibromyalgia.  Microgial cells are gaining steam as a potential cause of pain, brain inflammation and severe fatigue.

We also know that many of the pharmaceutical answers to treating this disorder offer many unwanted side effects and are often less than effective.  Treatments such as opioid pain medication, anti-inflammatory medications corticosteroids are all being used currently.

So, the question becomes:  Should a sufferer of fibromyalgia try using CBD as a treatment for their condition.  Obviously, we cannot openly answer this for anyone as its a personal question.  But, we CAN pass along information that others are reporting.  On occasion, we get the opportunity to ask our repeat customers why they are returning to buy, and often times, the answer is that they have a very positive result with CBD and Fibromyalgia.  They have gone on to say that the constant, debilitating pain they've endured is either lessened or done away with completely for hours while the cannabidiol (CBD) is in their system.  

Also, there have been a few studies conducted on fibromyalgia and the cannabinoid system.  One such study, found at this website, indicates the following conclusion:  The use of cannabis (note: cannabis includes both hemp and marijuana) was associated with beneficial effects on some fibromyalgia symptoms.  Further studies on the usefulness of cannabinoids in fibromyalgia patients as well as cannabinoid system involvement in the pathophysiology of this condition is warranted.

So, in summary:  We know that this condition is exceptionally painful.  We know that CBD affects the human endocannabinoid system positively by providing pain relief.  We know that Dr. Frankel explains CBD reduces pain.  And, we know that many of the medical industry's answers (expensive pharmaceuticals) have negative side effects and are often not effective.  We also have anecdotal reports that CBD has helped people with fibromyalgia.  It is our belief that an all natural remedy found in cannabis, be it marijuana or hemp, is something that should be considered.

As always, we have to say:  These statements have not evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Always check with your physician or medical provider before starting a new dietary supplement program.



Date: 9/23/2015
I use CBD for my fibromyalgia. It has been the only thing that has helped and is giving me my life back.
Shelley Moyer
Date: 10/9/2015
First time on your site. I have Lyme disease, FMS and CFS ... Lots of neurological pain ... Even in my ears. Nothing has helped so far . Neuro meds help, but make me kick into a manic Attack. Any comments? My son lives in CO. I wish he could send me something. Do I still have to get my mm card for your products?
Date: 10/9/2015
Shelley, thanks for checking in. The only comment the FDA allows us to make is that many of our customers have reported very beneficial results from taking CBD for fibromyalgia and other similar conditions. Now, with that being said, some people do NOT find much relief. But, these people seem to be the minority. As for availability, all of our products use extracts from hemp (not marijuana), so all of our products are legal in all 50 states, do not require any prescription and do not require any mm card. I hope this information helps you and we're glad you visited our site. And, more importantly, we hope you feel comfortable in trying our products and find substantial relief.
Date: 10/13/2015
I have severe fibromylagia. Was wanting to know if anyone has tried this. And there results please.
Date: 10/18/2015
After seeing a segment on Dateline about CBD I decided to try it for my lupus joint pain and fibromyalgia. I had been taking up to 4 hydrocodone a day for many years and the pain was not controlled. It's been 2 months and I've been able to completely stop the pain medication and Ambien for sleep. It's quite amazing and I'm so grateful.
Date: 11/20/2015
So happy to see this!! Yes CBD works!! Also watch Sanjay Gupta's special focus called "Weed" www.fibrotoday.com/fibromyalgia-finally-officially-recognized-as-real-disease/
Date: 11/29/2015
I have Fibro and just ordered the capsules. Enough to cover me for a month. I will check back in and let you know how it works.
Date: 12/1/2015
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia among osteoarthritis, degenerative bone & disk disease, carpal tunnel, type II diabetes. I have had cortisone shots, pain medicines, naproxen, cymbalta , sulandac, Vicodin, Tylenol products, Tens unit, ice/heat therapy, biofreese cream, voltaren gel now I have to give CBD A good trial. Thanks for the opportunity to be able to live a better life being free To move without extreme pain I have lived with for too long effecting my wellbeing. I hurt from head to toe not being able to hold my coffee cup in my hand to the muscles In. My walk arms hurting my so badly I can not put my clothes on some days?? Depending on the weather I can not wear shoes some days because of my 30 year plus Bunions on both feet I have had to live with in pain hardly walking correctly for years!! I started water therapy that was to be ongoing & unfortunately I started having infections?? Please wish me luck on my new journey I am very blessed to have now. I am hopeful the products will work for me.
Patricia Wozniak
Date: 12/12/2015
I have fibromyalgia, but I also suffer from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. (Among other autoimmune issues).Many of the symptoms seem to overlap. Is CBD safe for someone with a severe Thyroid condition? FYI, this whole mess began when I got Lyme Disease that went undiagnosed and untreated for more than a year.
Patricia Wozniak
Date: 12/12/2015
I have fibromyalgia, but I also suffer from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. (Among other autoimmune issues).Many of the symptoms seem to overlap. Is CBD safe for someone with a severe Thyroid condition? FYI, this whole mess began when I got Lyme Disease that went undiagnosed and untreated for more than a year.
Date: 12/12/2015
Patricia, while CBD is generally safe for most anyone, this is really a question you have to answer with your doctor or within spiritually. We'd love to be able to answer your question directly, but we are not doctors nor do we know all attributes of your condition. Perhaps others with first hand info can tell you of their experiences. Best of luck and be Blessed....truly.
Pamela Post
Date: 2/2/2016
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how may drops of the cbd oil I would need to take to have it work on Fibro, I am going to buy the 1250 mg bottle for my daughter. But was wondering if I should get a different potency for me. Thank you!
Date: 2/2/2016
You'll want to visit this page on this website to find how much to start with: http://www.highlandpharms.com/how-much-cbd-should-i-take-dose Hope that helps. Please read all the page and not just jump to the chart.
Date: 2/4/2016
I started medical marijuana May 2015 for my fibromyalgia. Before that I was taking Norco 1-3x/day, which still did not control the pain. I completely went off narcotics when I started marijuana. It is now Feb 2016, with pain mostly controlled, mainly because I ration it a bit due to cost. My county banned medical marijuana Jan 2016 and I went to a dispensary in the next county; I bought the CBD oil because I did not have enough cash to buy anything else. It is wonderful and better than the 18:1 CBD:THC spray I have been using. I'll be using only the CBD oil from now on.
Robin jordan
Date: 2/7/2016
What is better for severe fibro pain. Oil or pill? One better then the other.
Date: 2/8/2016
Robin, each person is different in how they respond to CBD in its various forms. Most people would notice no difference between the two forms, but a small percentage do. The only way to know how you will respond is by trying them. Again, most likely there will be no difference between the two.
Date: 2/8/2016
The CBD hemp oil drops for 39.95 how do you take that ? By drops in your mouth? Do you know approx how many times you would need to do this daily? I'm interested in giving it a shot. The side effects from prescription meds are just horrible!!!
Date: 2/9/2016
Carol, the drops are indeed taken by mouth. Here is our page about how much to take and frequency: http://www.highlandpharms.com/how-much-cbd-should-i-take-dose Hope this helps!
Date: 3/14/2016
I, too, have found medical marijuana to be helpful. My journey has been 38 yrs. with fibro, and in year 37 I was introduced to the oil, immediately I was getting better sleep. The pain level went down, and my muscles were more relaxed, so I did not have the anxiety I had previously struggled with because of pain and fatigue. The CBD is what helps me, that may differ for others, I do not know.
Date: 3/14/2016
I, too, have found CBD to be helpful. My journey has been 38 yrs. with fibro, and in year 37 I was introduced to the oil, immediately I was getting better sleep. The pain level went down, and my muscles were more relaxed, so I did not have the anxiety I had previously struggled with because of pain and fatigue. The CBD is what helps me, that may differ for others, I do not know.
Date: 3/30/2016
Just started the drops this morning so will stop back in a week with my results I ordered about a month ago and have been a little hesitant because of not being sure if I could mix the drops with the prescribed meds I take. I stop the prescribed meds and now I started the drops. Praying this is the final answer. I have suffered far too long so I'm really hoping this will help and give me my life back. Hopeful in NY =)
Linda Crosby
Date: 4/13/2016
I just started the cdb hemp oil drops.I will report back as to how it helps me.I have had Fibromyalgia since i've been 14..I have osteoarthritis really bad in my left hip. I am basically home bound because it is so painful to walk , I have to use walker in my home and a cane if I go out which is very very seldom.I'm 65.I need to lose 100 lbs before they would do hip surgery. my normal weight use to be 146 it's now up to 257.grr!! I have 3 sons..46,43,35. they all have Fibro also. I was able to work till I was 46..from then on I had to quit job and sell my farm and go on disability.
Date: 8/4/2016
I'm glad i spent the money to try. The fibro pain is very severe at times and the CBD is my only relief i get.
Babs Chamber
Date: 8/5/2016
Have fibro 30+ years, 11 bulging discs, osteoarthritis in lumbar spine. My concern is does CBD show up in a drug screen. Applying for a new job and have to take a drug screen.
Eliot Harris
Date: 8/5/2016
Babs, please see our FAQ page. Also, anyone else viewing these threads, if you have questions for Highland Pharms, please submit an online help ticket rather than a blog post. We respond much more quickly to the help tickets and you will be notified directly of a response via email.
Date: 11/8/2016
Recently, I have started dating a woman with Fibro. In trying to understand more of what she's going through I began looking into the subject. This has led me to your website. I know she is taking prescription meds and she has shared with me many times that she hates the side effects. She has also expressed the desire to try CBD. I don't know much about these products and am looking for any advice. Thanks!
Date: 8/5/2017
I have fibro (or at least that is what "They" tell me - frankly, I suspect that "They" are wrong. Once they cross all of the easily diagnosed issues off the insurance company list, they tell you that you have fibromyalgia. I might really have Lyme, or I might really have nerve/tendon damage from fluoroquinolone antibiotics, or I might have something else entirely ... you know how it goes.) ANYWAY ... yes, CBD oil absolutely helps. In fact, I am currently weaning off my opioid in favor of CBD and kratom. I am so bloody sick to death of these monthly pain management appointments and the loss of my 4th amendment rights that I could spit. If you are going to pain management, ***be aware that you are going to test positive for THC***. Either save urine ahead of time, freeze it, and "cheat"(if they don't insist on watching you pee), or voluntarily withdrawal from treatment prior to starting CBD. I now have a "dirty UA" on my chart which I am NOT happy about! I had been using home test kits which were negative, so I thought I was ok - but the send out UA was positive. And yes, I AM being punished for this. Great country we live in, eh? Just more motivation to eshew the scam healthcare system. I have used the Highland Pharms CBD and CBD from another manufacturer. I prefer Highland. It seems to work better, and they offer a natural flavor which I prefer. The lemon flavored stuff from a competitor is just yucky and doesn't work as well. It is well priced too.

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