Best CBD Oil

Best CBD OilSo, what makes the Best CBD Oil?

There are several things that one should look for when trying to find the best cbd oil.  What we'll talk about here are the factors that tend to make the most difference for most of the people.  (Everyone is different and there are just some people who have to find just the right strain or brand or type for CBD to be effective for them.)  What is below applies to the greatest percentage of the population.

For starters, The Best CBD Oil will be a full spectrum hemp extract.  What does this mean?  Here's what we're talking about.  After the plants are harvested, a lab takes the plant material and extracts all the nutrients in the form of a thick tar like goo.  This goo is referred to as the hemp extract.  And, within this extract is the cannabidiol (CBD).  But, there are also many other nutrients.  Other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, CBN are in there.  Terpenes (similar to essential oils), Amino Acids, B Vitamins, Omega Oils and much, much more are within this extract.  You want a product that utilizes this Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.  All these nutrients work together to amplify each other's effectiveness. So, not only do you get the benefit of having those other nutrients, but you also get the heightened effect of each individual nutrient which is being amplified by the presence of the other nutrients. Some companies take out just the CBD from this extract.  And, when they do this, its referred to as CBD Isolate.  This is much less expensive to use and when used in products, it provides you ONLY with the cannbidiol, but not all the other nutrients that the full spectrum extract provides you with.

Another important thing to look for is the extraction method used to get the extract from the plants.  In the old days, mechanical "squashing" was used to force the goo out.  This tends to damage the CBD molecules.  Then, heat was used.  This also damages the molecules.  Then, solvents were used (and in many overseas operations, still are).  This can lead to residual chemical solvents being left in the extract which can be harmful to people using it.  Now, the best operations use what's called SuperCritical CO2 Extraction.  In its simplest definition, basically CO2 is used under pressure to force the extract out of the plants.  This is the most expensive way to do it, but it provides undamaged molecules without any residual solvents.

Understanding that almost all of these products have other ingredients to make taking the thick tar like goo more pleasant, the best cbd oil products will have all natural ingredients.  For instance, CBD drops or tinctures generally have the extract infused into a carrier oil and may or may not have flavoring added to it.  In this case, the best products will have all natural MCT oil from coconut as the carrier oil.  This is a very light, but healthy oil that many body builders use.  Alternatively, sometimes hemp seed oil is used.  Hemp seed oil is just fine to use, but can have a very strong and somewhat repulsive taste to many people.  Other oils are used sometimes, too.  The flavorings, if used, are generally mint or a fruit flavor of some sort.  And, again, when these other ingredients exist in a product, the best products will use all natural ingredients.  One generally takes CBD oil for well-being, so one should be sure to take all natural ingredients that help the body rather than unnatural ingredients that break down the body.

All hemp plants used in the production of the extract should be NON-GMO hemp plants and should be organically grown.  To date, there is no Organic Certification for hemp plants.  So, there is no Organic Hemp Plant available.  However, they can still be organically grown.  The best CBD Oil products will utilize extract from plants that are grown in optimal conditions.

So, in summary, the BEST CBD OIL PRODUCTS will use Full Spectrum Hemp Extract that is obtained with SuperCritical CO2 Extraction from NON-GMO Plants which are Organically Grown and paired only with All Natural Ingredients.

Oh, and if the company you're buying from has Free Shipping on all orders, that certainly helps you get the best products delivered to your home.  Of course, we bring this up because all orders from Highland Pharms ship Free.

But, in the end, all that really makes the Best CBD Oil is finding the one that works for you!  We are all different.  And, after years in this business, it has become quite clear that what works for one person may or may not work for another person.  Everyone is different and, while most people find that either CBD works for them or it doesn't, there are a number of people who have to find just the right brand or strain of plant.


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