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The Many Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

Posted by administrator on 3/23/2018 to News

Recently, there's been a lot of chatter about CBD oil and its many uses for humans. It's such a beneficial product that experts estimate CBD sales will reach $1 billion in just 3 years.

As we've learned more about CBD, we've realized it's not only good for humans. Man's best friend can also benefit from CBD.

Yes, your furry friend benefits in many of the same ways that you and I do from CBD products. In dogs, CBD can help reduce anxiety, relieve pain, and help reduce the severity of seizures among other things.

How Taking CBD Oil for Anxiety Can Change Your Life

Posted by administrator on 3/13/2018 to News

Anxiety disorders affect more people than you think.

When you have an anxiety disorder, it interferes with just about everything in your life. You always think about the worst possible scenario, you get nervous about nothing and your mind always runs a million miles a minute.

How to Get a Better Night's Rest with CBD Oil for Sleep

Posted by administrator on 3/13/2018 to News

If you suffer from a sleep disorder like 50 to 70 million adults in the United States does, you know that it can affect every area of your life.

Today, there are tons of OTC options for relief from sleep disorders. If you have a chronic condition, you've probably tried most of them... and maybe only one or two have worked for you. Or, maybe one of them worked for a period of time, but now it no longer does.

Where to Buy Hemp Oil

Posted by administrator on 7/20/2016 to News
 First, before we tell you where to buy hemp oil, we want to be clear that we're using the term "hemp oil" very loosely here. We are not talking about the culinary hemp oil derived from hemp seeds you'd buy at a health food store, along side sesame seed oil and other seed oils. We're talking about CBD rich hemp oil or "CBD oil" that is extracted from the flowers and or buds of medicinal grade hemp plants that are special cultivars high in CBD.